The treasure hunt

Randonnée pédestre



Elevation gain

For the adventurous and the curious. The treasure hunt is designed to immerse you in the world of smuggling, thwart the dangers and discover a treasure. Welcome to Joséphine’s world. A long time ago, this little girl lived in Villers le Lac, where her father, Pierre, was a famous smuggler who had decided to stop, but had nevertheless embarked on his adventure one last time. Unfortunately, he was caught by the customs officers and sent to the galleys. But before he left, he left his daughter some clues to help her find his treasure. There are 10 signs along the walking route with clues and a survey. The answers are revealed on the next panel. It’s a great way for the whole family to discover the Saut du Doubs in a different way, while having fun and learning lots of new things!


A game to discover the Saut du Doubs in a different way (april to october only)


Saut du Doubs river shuttles 2 companies depart from France :

From Switzerland :

The Saut du Doubs site is closed to traffic, but you can also get there on foot from the Vions car park (fr) 2km downhill and 150 metres ascent (beware of the steep 27% ascent at the start of the jump). From the Les Brenets car park (ch) + 5km for the return journey and 240 metres of ascent.

Starting point - The site house


Pierre's arrest

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But why was Joséphine’s father arrested?


The investigation begins

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Discover the coded message left by Joséphine’s father


Unpopular taxes

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Hunting for kepis to find out what a huckster’s groundhog is – what a funny word!


Secret routes

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Very precise maps drawn every day, in incredible detail!


Braving the forbidden

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To transport their goods, smugglers had their tricks up their sleeves: secret pockets, funny shoes and lots more!


a pictorial vocabulary

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Is a horned animal a cow or a goat? No? Then what is it? On this panel you can find out and learn lots of other expressions…


A postcard

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In the days before electricity, the power of the water kept the many riverside industries going. The glassworks consumed an enormous amount of wood. By 1900, the banks of the Doubs had been completely deforested.


Gabelou, a difficult job

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The gabelous often hid in ambush, lying on iron beds. Above all, they were not supposed to sleep. If they did, the fruit they were supposed to keep in their hand would fall on the bed and wake them up by falling on the iron.


The dangerous game

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You’re going to find out who Joséphine’s daddy’s friend is.


Another form of smuggling

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That’s it, you’re off to discover the treasure, but first there’s one last mission waiting for you: follow the path to get there…

End point - Panel 10

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