46.995163, 6.544124-Borne frontière47.063816, 6.749941-Musée de l’Horlogerie au Locle47.344256, 7.057363-Les chemins à Vtt ou à pied47.344256, 7.057363-Entre amis ou en famille47.081475, 6.704992-Les méandres du Doubs47.364918, 7.154947-Sainte Ursanne

The routes

Pedestrina / 5 steps / 60 km
From Morteau (F) to La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH), dive into the history of watchmaking and its smuggling past.
Pedestrian / 5 steps / 77 km
Circular walk on the French-Swiss border starting from Maîche
VTT / 7 steps / 252 km
Discover the job of the custom's officer
3 steps / 3h to 5h / 45 km
From Saint-Ursanne to Saint-Hippolyte step into the shoes of a smuggler

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Roam the Chemins de la Contrebande

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Slip into the skin of a smuggler

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Roam the Chemins de la Contrebande

In the midst of the Jura mountains, in times gone by, smugglers and customs officers used to live side by side, prepared to do anything to fulfill their respective missions, despite the dangers. In the footsteps of these men from the past, experience the adventure of the Bricotte and of the Great Profession, or perform the raid of your life as you follow the Franco-Swiss Chemins de la Contrebande.



Walking time :
5 days55

Travel between France and Switzerland, walk in the footsteps of the Orlogeur and adventure on the trail of watch and clock smuggling in 5 steps between Morteau and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The strong points of the route : 4 watch and clock museums, Boundary markers, The Saut du Doubs waterfall, a force of nature The UNESCO world heritage site of watchmaking town planning, etc.

Itinéraire Pédestrep
Walking time :
5 jours55

On this 55km circular walk on the French-Swiss border starting from Maîche, follow the paths trodden by a Bricottière, a past master in the art of hiding small packages of contraband.On the way, you will experience one of contraband's most famous crossing places (les Echelles de la Mort – the steps of death) and find out more about the history of the places you pass through.

Itinéraire VTTv
6237m 66
Walking time :
7 days77

7-step circular cycling route starting from Morteau (F) or Saint-Ursanne (CH), look out for the clues to dismantle a smugglers' organisation.

During your cross-border patrol around the river Doubs, you will come across numerous towns brimming with history such as La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle as well as countless stunning views over the surrounding landscape and mountains.

Itinéraire Pédestrep
1250 m11
Walking time :
3 jours33

Follow this route between the medieval towns of Saint-Ursanne (CH) and Saint-Hippolyte (FR). Tread the paths of the Doubs valley in the footsteps of the colporteurs and (re)discover the ultimate nomadic occupation.

Throughout this adventure you will follow the border between France and Switzerland, drinking in some stunning scenery.


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